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We can design and/or build your creative and technical projects.

CAD Illustration is just the beginning, but the finished product is what tells the story. Let us help you realize your idea into physical manifestation. CrystalSunStudio works in collaboration with artists and other partner organizations to bring you the very best and highest quality designed products.

Suspention Bridge CAD

45' Suspension Bridge CAD
  45' Suspention Bridge

45" Suspension Bridge in progress

Kingswood Door Entry - CAD and Illustration - 2013

CAD, Rendering, and Graphic Design services for Artstruct.
Photo Real Rendered Illustrations.



Enchanted Forest Stage - CAD and Construction - 2013
Artstruct and Audio-waska Collaborative

A most amazing stage thanks the the excellent talent of everyone involved!


CPR Steamship Building - CAD and Illustration - 2013
Iredale Group Architecture

CAD, Rendering, and Graphic Design services for Architectural firm Iredale Group. New Deck design collaboration and several complete Photo Real Rendered Illustrations.



Cottage Addition - CAD - 2013
Private Client

CAD and design for a addition to a small square footprint cottage.


Tree House - CAD and Construction - 2011

CAD and design of bridge, platform, and cottage. Project still under construction.


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